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UIB Bearing have built quality process control and product traceability system.

Many advanced test equipment and tools are available for product qualification and analysis.

UIB bearing also invites third party to inspect the quality periodically, such as SGS and AQSIQ.


1. Raw material control and management. 

Select reliable and stable raw material suppliers, and purchased materials must have certificates of conformity and inspection certificates.

2. Our production equipment is equipped with inspection function, and every process has inspection equipment.

For example, the automated assembly line comes with a laser detection feature that can pick out products of substandard size.

3. Manual inspection.

In particular, the motor bearing, each product we use the bearing vibrator to measure vibration, after qualified then packaging for shipment. Failed product has to be picked out and rework.

4. Key size manual inspection.

The inner diameter, outer circle and other key dimensions should be tested manually before assembling the product rings.

5. Other routine tests.

Hardness testing, material precision detection, height addition, roundness detection, ellipticity detection, surface roughness detection, surface parallel high detection.


Cylindricity MeasuringInstrument VivtorinoxHardness Projector


Precision NC Grinding Machine Precision CNC LathePrecision CNC Machine Tools

The Electromagnetic Force Test Platform  /  Belt Tension Control Of Winding Machine / Testing Equipment Of Electromagnetic Valve


Automatic asselble miniature bearing machine, with advanced self-inspection function.


The below inspect tools tolerance to 0.001 mm.