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Electric motors are used as the source of motive power in all kinds of industries.

UIB bearings are widely used in the revolving parts of motors. As well as enabling smooth and quiet rotation, they also perform a most important function by taking on the motor's load.

As the conservation of the environment rises up the global agenda, electricity is becoming more popular as a source of motive power, and customers have an increasing need for motors with low energy consumption. There is also demand for longer operational life, as a means of achieving even high reliability. In response to such demands, UIB delivers highly functional bearings that make full use of its core technologies: tribology.

These technologies —low energy consumption technologies and long operational life technologies — represent UIB's commitment to environmental protection, and the company will continue its activities in this field as one of its most important missions.

UIB Experience & Technology

UIB has been engaged in extensive sales of deep groove ball bearings, one of its main product lines. These are particularly crucial as parts for electric motors.

UIB's core technologies are utilized in a variety of fields such as:

precision parts processing

lubricant greases

developing new materials for bearings

These technologies result in reductions in the losses due to friction that arise from shaft rotation, and in much quieter operation.

UIB will maintain its ongoing efforts to enhance bearing functionality to meet the needs of both the times and the market, using its long experience in deep groove ball bearings.