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In order to produce plastic parts with high dimensional accuracy, injection molding machines are increasingly electrically driven. The electric press is superior to the traditional hydraulic type in that it is cleaner and uses less energy. Demand for it is growing in proportion to the need to respond to environmental issues.

With the shift to electric injection molding, customers now demand reliability in much harsher environments. UIB's high load capacity products are important parts, essential for mechanical drive parts, including the:

● Cinjection cylinder

● mold clamping cylinder

● ejector shaft

● press cylinder

● plasticization unit

Ball screws for high-load drives are one product UIB manufactures for injection molding machines. The arrangement of the circulation channels has been optimized, the diameter of the balls has been made as large as possible, and the ball groove has been designed especially for high loads. The ball screws have a greatly improved the load capacity.

Also, in support of these ball screws for high-load drives, UIB offers high load-bearing capacity ball screw support angular contact thrust ball bearings (for injection molding machines) that use large diameter balls, and roller guides produced with UIB's leading edge technologies and featuring high load capacity, high rigidity and the ability to be used in controlled clean environments. UIB is contributing to the future of injection molding machines as the only manufacturer that offers a comprehensive development and sales service for essential mechanical parts.